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The Sovereign Security Company series by Thomas Sewell follows plots and interrelationships with the sovereign security company founded by Sam Harper after he retires from government service, so chronologically after the Sam Harper Military Thriller series. While each book or story is self-contained and can be read on it's own in terms of plot, there is a large continuity in terms of characters and setting. There are some plot points that stretch across books in the series, but it's not required to read earlier books in order to understand the main plot in later books.

Series Titles

Hitchiking Killer For Hire - Details on Amazon

(December 2012 - Kindle exclusive - $2.99- Now $0.99 to get you hooked!)

Filled with action and adventure, set in the desert along the Mexican-U.S. border in Arizona, Sam must figure out why the local smugglers are hunting him. A story of local corruption, human smuggling, kidnappers, and border truckers in the near future west. Set in the very near future, before the Big Split and well before the events in Sharper Security, it covers the story of how Sam Harper changed his plans from former special operator and beach bum to Sovereign Security Company founder.

The story has many of the elements of a modern western and is dedicated to Louis L'Amour, who has endured many years as one of my favorite writers.

Sam's actions answer these questions:

  • What if you woke up abandoned in the desert after being beaten by a gang of strangers? How would you survive and reach civilization?
  • If someone pointed a revolver at you during a truck-jacking, how would you disarm them?
  • If there was no time to summon the Feds, would you turn vigilante and fight corrupt cops? What if the CIA was after you at the same time?

Border Sign featured in Story

Sign posted along Interstate 8, described in the Story

A short story, approximately 50 pages. From a series perspective, this story primarily provides additional background on the character Sam Harper, how he deals with trials, tribulations, setback and disappointment and how his goals change over time without changing his essential character.


Sharper Security: A Sovereign Security Company Novel - Details on Amazon

(November 2012 - Trade Paperback and Kindle)

Postcard of the Francisco Grande

Postcard of the Francisco Grande, an important location in the Book

Cover Blurb:

  • In a near future alternate history, America has split. Sovereign security companies compete in the booming Arizona Zone.
  • Evie retired as an anti-terrorist detective sergeant and emigrated to escape from Britain. Who is hunting her for revenge?
  • Evie hires Sam Harper, from Sharper Security, to protect her. Who is her mysterious attacker, plotting from a distance?
  • How will Sam defeat the soldiers, intrigue and legal maneuvers of his competitors to capture Evie's nemesis and deliver justice for what really happened in Paris 18 years ago? Answers involving forgiveness and redemption are revealed during a week of mystery, intrigue, technology, heroes, villains, action and adventure in the Sonoran desert.
  • Oh, and humor. The book definitely has humor. Also some interesting characters. I especially like.... well, just go read the book.

The book has elements of action, adventure, mystery and suspense in the tradition of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Louis L'Amour. It's set a couple of decades into the near-future with a liberty view of society based on individual choice and free market economics, taken to enough of an extreme to make you consider what's really possible. In terms of Science Fiction, it's always difficult to predict the future, but the technology in the book is stuff we currently know how to make that is possible to become common in the next few decades, but isn't really available right now.

La Raza Council

(Author's working title, subject to change)

Scheduled for future release, this book will follow Sharper Security's attempt to expand it's customer base into the heart of La Raza Council. Kidnappings and mystery abound and open warfare may or may not be resorted to. A book about exit versus voice, the inner workings of La Raza Council will become much clearer.


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