Kwon Chol

People's Army Special Forces Evaluation - Transcript Excerpt
This conscript reads and writes. She will take notes for us and produce a transcript for filing in your personnel records. Just to confirm, you are Lieutenant Kwon Chol?
Yes, sir.

Family killed when you were a young child?
Correct. All of them. My brother and his pregnant wife first. Killed by the imperialists at the DMZ. Then my parents by grief. I keep a photo in my breast pocket, over my heart. I was fortunate in our poor village to be raised by my adopted uncle.

Yes, General Meon Lon-chun. Recommended you for this posting. Very impressive. Why do you want to lead a special forces platoon? Not worried about the dangers involved? Surely you are comfortable as a resident of Pyongyang!
I have my residence card, allowing me to live and work in the great city, it is true, but I prefer a more direct approach to defeating the People's enemies. They won't come to the capital for me to fight. We must bring the battle to them.

Do you consider yourself naive? Inexperienced? Perhaps a bit over your head in this assignment?
Everyone must start at the beginning. As I understand it, my team will have a long-service sergeant and other experienced members with successful missions against our eternal enemies. Team Goshawk will be my crutch. Together we will be one of the many pillars of support for Our Beloved and Respected General's efforts to secure peace for His People.

Have you ever traveled across the DMZ?
My first opportunity, but nothing will tempt me away from my duties.

Will you obey orders? Even if you don't understand their purpose?
Always. Our commanders are never mistaken.

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