Series Explained

I'm writing three connected series:

  1. Sam Harper - Covers Sam's time in the military/working for the government. Two books (Techno Ranger, Covert Commando), one short story (Ranger Selection) out, next book (Terrorist Interrogator) available on pre-order.
  2. Mike Drake - This includes Mike's time in the military. One short story out (Deadliest Weapon), a few others written, the books will wait until after #1 is farther along.
  3. Sovereign Security Company - This series is farther in the future, when Sam and Mike get together after leaving government service. One book (Sharper Security) and short story (Hitchhiking Killer For Hire) out (both of which I'm currently rewriting to a greater or lessor extent), several other short stories written. More books will come once #1 & #2 are farther along.

So now you know when to expect what, and how each book/story ties in!