Meon Lon-chun

Ministry of State Security Clearance Interview - Transcript Excerpt
General Meon Lon-chun, thank you for agreeing to sit down with us.
Of course. I understand Dear Leader's need to ensure those of us close to the Phoenix Throne are regularly vetted for security risks. Would you like a few drops of peppermint oil to rub on your forehead? It soothes my headaches.

No need, although those tanks engines outside are certainly annoying. How secure do you see yourself in you position as the deputy defense minister?
Perhaps you know that I have one trusted adviser and many covert enemies. Honestly, my situation only forces me to strive harder to demonstrate my loyalty to Supreme Leader. Through him, using my nephew and his team, we will soon achieve a great victory over the imperialists in the south.

Yes, your nephew. You recently secured him a position as a special forces lieutenant, correct? Isn't he a bit young for the job, having only limited experience in the People's Army?
He has the most important quality for a subordinate, Juche trustworthiness. Just as I am trustworthy and would never betray our Most Supreme Commander-in-Chief, he would never betray either of us. That will be important for him to resist the temptations of the dominionist Americans once he crosses the DMZ.

Aren't you worried that he may put his loyalties to you over those to Our Kind Father?
Not until now. Besides, I merely adopted him. The child of a family I felt responsible for back when I was a lowly village Party Secretary. I'll make a note to reinforce the proper hierarchy of his emotional connections.

We also need to speak with your girlfriends from the People's Army. Please provide a list of current and recent names.
Certainly. I'm no Yankee, to attempt to hide my passions from the State. They are the true enemy.

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