Yang Hyo-jin

Media Interview - Transcript Excerpt
Doctor? Doctor Yang Hyo-jin?
What's that? I'm trying to think. Please go away.

You're the lab's Director? The one who led the South Korean women's volleyball team to an Olympic Gold Medal? We have questions!
I no longer speak with the media. You'll need to work with our public relations team.

But our audience looks up to you!
They could hardly do otherwise. No comment.

We have you on video at the Tower during the evacuation, going the opposite way. What were you doing there? Did it have anything to do with the gunfire?
No comment. I consult on many matters. Almost all of them classified.

Are the rumors about you and the American officer true? You've been seen together frequently in public.
Again, no comment. Now you've completely destroyed my concentration, and I need to change for a funeral. These gentleman will see you out.

Doctor! Doctor?

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