Keith Bishop

After Action Review - Transcript Excerpt
1SG Keith Bishop, you're the 75th Ranger Reconnaissance Company's Senior NCO?
Yes, sir. Call me Top.

Top, your assignment was as an observer for the San Diego exercise, correct? Not a participant?
Correct. I mistakenly opted to accompany the men in the field. That's perhaps going a bit far. I was strongly encouraged by the Lieutenant in charge of the OpFor to accompany his platoon in the water in order to observe at close range. Clearly, a poor decision on my part, one which I intend to never repeat.

Why is that?
Those waves were colder than a polar bear's, uh... private parts, sir. This Ranger is made for the desert, even the jungle, not the ocean. Leave that to the SEALs, who I notice were all conveniently warm and dry back in WARCOM watching from the drone feed. That's where I should've been, not dragging salt and sand through my underwear, sir.

How do you get along with the junior officers in the Company?
Do my best for 'em. They're each special in their own unique way. Treat 'em like my daughters, in a lot of ways. Protect and Mother 'em and leave the head-banging to their Daddy, the Major.

Do you believe your attitude contributed at all to the international incident? The court-martial proceedings?
They're supposed to be the Officers and Gentlemen, sir. I'm just a poor old sergeant from Virginny doing the best I can to keep the Company together in a cohesive team. Arguments among officers are above my pay grade.

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