Thomas Sewell

Thomas Sewell lives in Charlotte, lured there by his wife, but grew up out West. A late intellectual bloomer, at age 13 he graduated from high school and started computer electronics courses in college. (Assembly for 8-bit processors!) Already 6 ft. tall, so no one noticed he was a little young. Bummed rides to school because he was too young for a driver's license.

Thomas has always been an autodidact with a variety of hobbies and interests, especially economics, military history, and the law. Worked in Reston and McLean, Virginia on 9/11, but only ever officially worked for the government as a contractor. Thomas has performed technology and security work for several fortune 500 companies and in a quarter of his time manages a team responsible for one of the world's largest financial networks.

Along the way, he's founded a private security company, an Internet Service Provider, and a K-8 Charter School. He's read over ten thousand books and written a few in self-defense, among them the Sam Harper, Sovereign Security Company, and Mike Drake series, some of which you can even purchase, others of which you can get for free.