CIA Psychological Profile Interview - Transcript Excerpt
Name, please, for the record.

Last name?
Sorry, I've been advised by Agency Human Resources to make a habit of not using my real last name. It's [Redacted].

Why are you in the Agency?
Oh, the usual. It's a job and I thought I'd be good at it. What else are you going to do with a degree in poly sci from Berkeley? Work on a political campaign?
Besides, the work sounded interesting. See exotic people and places. Do extensive paperwork on them.

Reports are that you can rub people the wrong way. Care to comment?
I may, upon occasion, have a need to explain to people what's wrong with their thinking. But those who know me best are aware it's a bit of a front. Besides, I don't let it, or anything, get in the way of getting the job done.

Yes, well, we'll come back to that. I believe the terms abrasive and undiplomatic were used in your most recent performance evaluation.
I stand by my performance. You don't get to be a field officer this young without bruising a few egos. I have plenty of friends, but that's my personal, not professional life.

One friend, you mean? Lieutenant Sam Harper? What's your relationship there like?
We used to date, back in high school, but now we're mostly just... comfortable. Old friends. Known each other forever. Like most, he'd do just about anything for me, properly asked.

Manipulated, you mean.
Just need to understand what people value, then offer it to them.

I see. So no possibility that he influences you? Compromises your loyalty to the Agency? No remaining sparks there?


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